Makeup Lesson

PRIVATE MAKEUP LESSON                    

 $300 for 2 hours 

This one-on-one 2 hour lesson is a step-by-step session guiding you on your makeup application. This lesson is good for newbies or for the advanced wanting to update their techniques! Feel feel to bring your own makeup so we can sort through what works best for you. I will also introduce you to some of the best products in the market. You'll get a detailed explanation for each step through out the entire makeup application. I will apply makeup on one side of your face and you will do the other side while I guide you. You will also be provided with a face chart as a take home tool for you to re-create your look. During the session, we will discuss the following:

*Color Selections

*BasicTips and Techniques

*Product Textures and Selection (including eye shadows, foundations, and lip products)

*Using the proper tools/brushes

*The importance of basic skincare

*Knowing how to work with your eye shape/eye color and facial structure  



$250 for 2 hours

Update lessons are only if you have come in prior for a private makeup lesson with me. I will overlook while you do your makeup and correct as you go. We will go through your products to insure they are working for you,  get more into depth on how to hold your brushes,  how to create certain looks your are wanting to achieve, and any other new questions you have. (recommended every 2 years)

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