Having worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years, I have been able to compile great tips to better prepare you for your makeup or hair appointment. Here are a couple of my favorite to help your makeup or hair have the best outcome!


*Waxing or Threading: If you are planning on waxing your eyebrows, upper lip or face area, try and do so at least 5 days prior to your appointment. It helps prevent the makeup showing the difference in your skin texture from where you got waxed. You need a couple days so the first layer of skin can repair ;)

*Blemishes: If you have to pick your blemish, do so at least a full day before hand, not the day of. You need at least 1 day for the skin to repair or the makeup will not take to the skin. But I highly recommend not messing with it at all!

*Drink Lots of water, it keeps your skin hydrated giving it a nice firm texture and helping to give a nice dewy look once foundation is applied.

*Use a sheet mask for your face at least an hour before makeup. The ones that are for Hydration are my favorite to prep before makeup!



*Updo's or Half Up/Half Down: Wash and blow dry your hair the day before your appointment. This creates a smooth starting point for you updo's as well as making the hair easier to work with. If you think your hair gets oil faster than wash and blow dry the night before, the hair stylist will put some dry shampoo in your roots to cancel out the oils.

*Extentions: If you are needing us to put your extensions in, wash them at least 2 days prior and let them dry. Since they have been in their package for quite sometime, this will help the hair cooperate better. Please let us know in advance as well, so we can adjust your appointment time. 

*If you have curly hair and need it smoothed out for your hair style, blow dry your hair as straight as possible before arrival... If you would like us to do it, there would be an additional charge.  Please let us know in advance so we can adjust the time of your appointment. 

(Bring pictures of what you like, it's always easier to have a visual image we can reference off of)