(These steps are not required but do help with getting a perfect and long lasting tan)


Prepping skin tips: 
- Shower:  Exfoliate entire body with mild, water based (oil free) exfoliant. If it is an oil based exfoliant, exfoliate the day before your appointment. but do not apply body oils or moisturizer to skin as this can create a barrier on your skin. Only moisturize with a very light coat if your skin is really really dry. . (If washing hair, make sure conditioner is rinsed off before you wash your body) 
- Shave
- Do not apply Deodorant

Prior to starting your tan:
Take jewelry off
- Set aside loose dark clothes
- If you are putting a bra on after, use a strapless


After your Spray Tan:
Avoid any activity that would cause sweating, as your spray tan is developing during the first 6-8 hours. (Contact with water or sweat with in the first couple hours could result in uneven tanning.)
- When showering, 1. Wash your body with your hands, 2. Pat Dry with your towel 3. Moisturize with an intense moisturizer. (These 3 steps will prevent the tan from getting blotchy as it fades and helps your tan last longer.)  

The last days:
- If you have certain areas on your body where the tan has yet to come off, use an oil based exfoliant to remove. I use my Clarasonic body brush with a coffee scrub exfoliant that is very emollient. It takes the remaining tan off and leaves my skin nice and smooth!